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East Vancouver portrait

Judy Hanazawa poses for my portrait series on BC voting rights history.

When Judy was born British Columbia she didn’t have the right to vote because she was Japanese-Canadian.  Japanese-Canadians and Indigenous people couldn’t vote in BC until 1949.  Mennonites and Hutterites until 1948.  Chinese-Canadians and South Asian-Canadians until 1947.  Please don’t take your right to vote for granted.  Get to the BC polls on Saturday October 24, 2020.


Yama Cafe in the Grandview-Woodland neighborhood  is open with a takeout menu of their amazing Japanese food.  They also have Japanese baked goods, other products including delicious sesame butter and cloth face masks (pre-order).  The cloth face masks are made by  Japanese Fabric Creations Shino.   If you are in a position to, please support our local businesses.  Yama Cafe is located at 2007 E. Hastings St.  Please check their Facebook page below for hours as they are currently changing.

Yama Cafe:

Japanese Fabric Creations Shino:

Yama Cafe owner Hiroe

Yama Cafe co-owner Hiroe with cloth face mask and Japanese manju. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Yama Cafe Vancouver exterior

Yama Cafe at 2007 E. Hastings near Victoria Drive. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Black seasame butter by Yama Cafe

Black sesame butter made by Yama Cafe. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Reusable cloth face mask by Japanese Fabric Creations Shino

Reusable cloth face mask by Japanese Fabric Creations Shino and available for sale (pre-order) at Yama Cafe. Vancouver, BC, Canada.